Shinju Pearls Razzle Dazzle MIFW at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia International Fashion Week MIFW by MIFA.

Shinju Pearls is lucky enough to join the glam event.



We spent weeks getting ready for the show. Making jewellery is the easy part, getting inspirations on showpieces is excruciating. Those sleepless nights, day dreaming, imagination, puffy eyes, dazed gaze has finally paid off for us.

A dozen necklaces??, We kept counting down and are always short of a piece, either by bracelets or earrings. We literally finish our last piece on the eve of the show. All is worth it, the moment the models show up, the minute we put on the jewelleries, the second the models walk towards the runway, it brightens the light of the day.

Our first piece gold pearl set. Multiple strands of gold pearls framing pendant with ivory color pearls. The necklace flows from the neckline to the heart and flows like a waterfall and back. Worn with matching gold pearl bracelet, flowy earrings and rings.

The model, Jia Ying wore it with grace, with her ballerina moves, it really is a good start for the show.

Secondly, also another gold set but this time with a twist of animal kingdom

Closeups will spot a frog ensemble on the necklace, bracelet & rings.

The model, Ula has took the bold reptilian jewellery towards runway elegance.

With Tahiti pearl pendant, shell pearls, mix of rubies & red chalcedony. This is the only set with a headgear. The headgear alone took us almost 3 days to finish, worn with matching armband, statement earrings and rings.

The model, Shu Yang shows off with great pride
and joy.

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