Shinju Pearls Razzle Dazzle MIFW at Pavilion Part Deux

Continuing On

The full video finally came out.

Enjoy the video:

After a really fast change at the backstage,

Model Jia Ying came out with Baroque Pearl Necklace with a Smoky Topaz Pendant.
Embelished with Rubies & Citrine; semi-precious stone to add colour and glamour to it.

Followed by Ula, her bold fearless look, make everybody stare in envy in her green onyx & chalcedony necklace.


Looking debonair

The beautiful Shu Yang struts out in a chunky

South Sea Pearl with gold fillings
and Fresh Water Pearl Necklace
with matching bracelet and earrings


Mao Huan with a fun Black Pearls & turquiose Necklace.
The bracelet is absolutely stunning with rings attached.

Last but not least our last 4 showpieces

Words can hardly describe this set.

The silent expression in model Zi Juan.
Full of poised, Baroque Pearl Necklace in gold and fancy sapphires.
The combination of Green Onyx,
Pyrite & Spinel Necklace adds silhouette
to model Qing Yao.

It gets bigger and bolder Sapphire Necklace, With Gold South Sea Pearls.

Russian model Ksenia with matching Earrings and Bracelet

Lastly, making a statement, a multi-strand Ruby with Fancy Sapphires set Butterfly Pendant at the side to symbolize freedom of creativity and passion in BOLD jewellery
The moment all models march down the runway for the final bow.
All of us breathe a sigh of relief….. Cold sweat stop running down our spine.
All in all, we are really proud having this opportunity.
Special thanks to Stylist Lucas Blim and Clothing Designer Marcus June.

Tiring but it’s all worth it, let’s do it again.

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